Courtney Braden Ford

Courtney Braden Ford Biography
Name At Birth: Courtney Braden Ford
Date of Birth: June 27, 1978
Birth Place: Orange County, California
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 1998–present
Brandon Routh (2007–present)
Children: Leo James

Courtney Ford is an American actress with equally bright career both in comedy and drama roles. She was born on June 27, 1978 as Courtney Braden Ford in Orange Country, California. She was married to Brandon Routh, who is popularly known as the star of “Superman Returns.” They got engaged on August 23, 2006 and finally decided to tie the knot on November 24, 2007. The wedding ceremony was held at Santa Barbara’s El Capitan Ranch and was attended by intimate family, friends and acquaintances. The couple was blessed with one child named Leo James. Courtney Ford Gave birth to her first child on August 10, 2102. She was also known as the step sister of J.R Orci and Roberto Orci.

Courtney Ford admitted that she had an idle career for ten years earlier preceding 2008. Those are the years that she considered slowing down on her acting career. However, her last audition had her chosen to play the role of reporter Christine Hill on “Dexter,” which is a well-known Showtime’s television series. She was also included in the cast of “True Blood,” which is also a highly patronized HBO hit series. In this series, Courtney Ford portrays Portia Bellefleur, the sister of Andy Bellefleur. She is a returning guest actress in the fourth season.

Courtney Ford also plays an essential role in a famous game series known as “Gears of War” where she voices Maria Santiago, the lost wife of “Dom.” She also made her appearance in the season four’s ninth episode of “How I Met Your Mother.” Television appearance was also made on the fifth season’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory’s Good Guy Fluctuation.” Courtney Ford has made countless films, TV appearances and guest appearances and previous roles in different television series.

As a promising actress on the rise, Courtney Ford strives hard to shine in the magic screen and work professionally as a comedian and dramatic actress. Her capacity of taking diverse projects has set her remarkable career in motion. Her appearances in several critically acclaimed television dramas and series only proves that she has the guts and quality of a professional actress. She was included in the “Top Faces to Watch on Television” by the Variety.

Courtney Ford has received formal trainings that molded her to be an effective and professional actress. She has showcased genuine talent, flexibility and versatility as an actress that resulted in various recognition, rave reviews and strong fan following and support

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