Billy Brown

Billy Brown Biography
Name At Birth: Billy Brown
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1993–present

Billy Brown is an American actor who is popular in portraying Richard “Death Row” Reynolds, a boxer. He appeared as Reynolds in the FX series, “Lights Out” that was shown in a short span of time. There have been other factors that made the TV series air for such a short period. He also acts as Mike Anderson on Showtime’s “Dexter.” His role in this TV show is a detective, where he will be doing investigations to find the solution for every hint in the show.

In the year 2012, he was sought to act as a come-back role of August Marks in the fifth season of Sons of Anarchy. He dubbed and used his second voice of a cliff jumper in the animation series on Transformers: Prime.

In the sixth season of Dexter, which will be opening this fall on Showtime, actor Billy Brown will act the role as Mike Cutler, a homicide detective from Chicago who will move to Miami Proper. He also is part of the guest stars that have a great impression on most of the come-back roles such as Colin Hanks, MosDef, and Edward James Olmos.

Brown was featured in the 2009 movie “Race to Witch Mountain.” This movie gained the top rank rating and was a box office hit because it has total earnings of over $67 million. He is not only an actor that portrays the different roles in movies and television screen, but he also works as a screenwriter where he wrote the movie “Bodybags.”

Brown is one of the few famous actors who undergo variations of acting and writes movies. He was one of the cast members of the “Concert of Ray”, “Goodman,” and “Brown: Live in Concert” in 2006. He also has musical talents such as singing and playing various musical instruments. These skills helped develop Brown as an artist and a performer.

Billy Brown prefers to keep his life private, allowing him to focus more on his family. Currently, Billy Brown continues to improve his skills in order for him to perform better.

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