Bruce Holman

Bruce Holman Biography
Name At Birth: Bruce Holman
Date of Birth: June 29, 1954
Birth Place: Seal Beach, California
Occupation: Actor

Detective Michael Soderquist a character known for his polo shirts that are in “ice cream” colors, and one of those detectives that are included in the Homicide Department of Miami in “Dexter.” He is one of those people who are not given much attention with the whole cast, but is always appearing on almost the entire episodes of the series. He has been with many movies playing different roles that are not much given emphasis on, yet still makes particular scenes with lead casts at times.

He started his career in the entertainment business since 1996 in the film “Broken Arrow” where he played as Chairman Aid. He was one of the casts of this film where the lead stars are John Travolta and Christian Slater. Though his role was not that big, Holman still got the opportunity to be a part of this film that starred some of the famous actors in the industry.

The next movie he got into was “Air Force One,” a story about President James Marshall skills over hijacking situations. Within story, he played the role as Special Service Agent No.4. His role again was on the background, yet has given him the chance to be a part of a huge storyline. The film was shown in 1997, where Harrison Ford starred and other powerhouse casts.

In 1998, he played the role of Federal Marshall in the movie “A Civil Action.” It is a drama film whose lead character is John Travolta, who played as the lawyer to families who fights for their right to get compensation from the harsh effects that the leather company production provides. Holman does not stop his career there. He was still included on other TV series and movies the following years.

By the year 2004, he was a part of the TV series entitled, “The Guardian.” He was Dr. Silverman in the episode “Legacy,” which was aired that year. Holman also had a video short in “Face Office” as the boss and was shown by the year 2010. As 2012 came, he was included in the film “Hitchcock” as a film crew for the creation of a movie “Psycho.”

Being included in famous movies and TV series, Holman, still continue his work by being a cast of “Dexter,” where he plays as a detective. As the TV series ends the story with its 8th season, more people than his earlier years in the business, are expecting to see Holman in different TV series and films, the succeeding years.

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