Charles S. Lee

Charles S. Lee Biography
Name At Birth: Charles S. Lee
Date of Birth: December 30, 1971
Birth Place: Cheongju, South Korea
Occupation: Actor

Charles “Charlie” S. Lee, C.S. Lee is what most people know him by, is a Korean-American actor who is most recognized for playing the character of Vince Masuka from the Showtime TV series, Dexter.

Film has been included in the passion of C.S. Lee when he was a high school junior. This is while he was playing football at Hudson’s Bay High School in Vancouver, Washington. Lee has participated Cornish College of the Arts for an acting education from which he has graduated holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He also continued his training in acting by earning a Master of Fine Arts at the Yale School of Drama. After he had graduated from those schools, Lee then spent 8 years of his life in New York City where he has acquired his acting job with different theater companies, local theater, and even film and television. After years of acting, C.S. Lee chose to marry his wife Lara Cho.

Lee has been accepted as a regular member of cast on the Showtime TV series, entitled Dexter. In this TV series, Lee has played the character of Vince Masuka. Vince Masuka is a forensic scientist, who is identified for his vulgar sense of humor. Outside the TV series, Lee has also played in other drama series, which include the one from HBO. This drama series is known as The Sopranos from which he played the role of Dr. Ba.

Oftentimes, Lee has also been viewed on some trailers of the 2009 film, The Unborn, being a doctor from the start. He has also been identified in the comedy-spy series, Chuck, which is from NBC. He played the character of Harry Tang, as the officious co-worker of Chuck. Lee has also been a deputy within the Monk’s episode, “Mr. Monk Is on the Run”-Part 1. People may also see him as an office worker who is carrying a boom-box from the award-winning “Nextel Dance Party,” a Nextel commercial. In the TV series on CBS, The Unit, Lee played a tiny part being a Submariner from South Korea. He appeared on the second season in the 13th episode.

C.S. Lee is a talented actor in nature. So, people can expect that he will appear in several TV series and some other Films to come. Acting is his passion, so it has been expected that Lee will stay in this business industry as long as people appreciate what he can give.

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