David Ramsey

David Ramsey Biography
Name At Birth: David Ramsey
Date of Birth: November 17, 1971
Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1987–present

Like many actors, David Ramsey also started his career from small roles that lead him to pursue his big dream to be a professional actor for various films. He got noticed and started his career on films and TV series in 1995. Though he had previous roles played from movies and TV series since 1977 and 1987 where he was not noticed much, his career blasted in the 90’s when he started coming out on various films.

He starred as a reporter in the TV series “Murder One” in 1995. By the year 1996 Ramsey got his recognition from various movies and series like George in the TV mini-series “Deutschland Lied,” Supervisor in “Space – Above and Beyond,” a Student in “The Nutty Professor,” a lifeguard named Brent in “A Very Brady Sequel,” and Shep Walker in “Her Costly Affair.” Ramsey played a role as Londell in “Con Air” released in 1997 and as Jenkins in “A Short Wait Between Trains.” He starred in a TV series from 1997-1998 as Pastor David Randolph in “The Good News.”

As year 2000 approached, he still made a movie in 1998 where he starred as Officer Sgt. McFall in “Chips ’99,” the Adult Booker Palmer in “Mama Flora’s Family” in 1998, he played as Vemon Nettles in “Mutiny” and Bill in “Three to Tango,” which were released by 1999. He played the main role as Muhammad Ali or Cassius Clay in the movie “Ali: An American Hero” and Sidney Parker in “Pay It Forward” that were both released in 2000.

Within the year 2000 to 2001, he played as Brian in the TV series “For Your Love.” As 2001 came, he had more TV series than before, he starred in “Girlfriends” TV series and played as Randall, he was Agent Victor in “Thieves” and was Vince Lee in “Mr. Bones.” By 2002, he was a part of “For the People” TV series, “Romeo Fire” (movie), and “The Guardian” as Debord’s lawyer. There is no doubt that Ramsey is at the peak of his career since he always had a TV series and movie to make every year, which makes him known for playing particular roles.

As he stars in the crime-drama-suspense-thriller series “Dexter,” David Ramsey still has continued to improve his acting skills and even had a nomination from “Screen Actors Guild Awards” for portraying his role in the series. Nowadays, what make him busy are his projects in various series. Aside from acting, he also has a black belt in jeet kune do; he is good in boxing, tae kwon do and has a little knowledge about kickboxing.

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