Erik King

Erik King Biography
Name At Birth: Erik King
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: Washington D.C.
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1983—Present

There are many actors who became noticeable in the entertainment world through their guest role in various TV shows and movies. This is how Erik King got noticed. He has played many roles as guest stars in various films and TV series and now is starring in a popular drama series “Dexter.”

He started his career in 1983 and played as a young black man in a TV series titled “Kennedy.” By 1986, he starred as Louis Harper in the episode “A Day’s Wages” of the TV series “Spenser: For Hire.” King has played various roles like Reggie in the 1987 movie “Street Smart,” Sullivan in the same year in the movie “Tomorrow’s a Killer.” People who review his career would say that he had a continuous career.

In the year 1989, he starred in “Babycakes” a TV movie, “A Man Called Hawk” played as Street Brother in the episode “Never My Love” and starred as Brown in “Casualties of War.” 1990 was a lucky year for King since he played several roles such as Tuscan Smith in “One Down, Four Up” episode of “Sunset Beat” and Tucson Smith with the movie version of the mentioned TV series. King played as Davey in “Cadillac Man” and Dorian “Silky” Ford of “Law & Order” in the episode “Poison Ivy.”

The following year, he played as Burton in several episodes of the TV series “Golden Years,” “The Final Blow,” “Third Time Lucky” and “Second Chance.” In 1992, he was Pierce in Stay Tuned, and Wade Carter in 5 episodes of “The Round Table,” a TV series. By 1993, he was in the TV mini-series of “Queen,” played the Hip Hop Hank in “Joey Breaker” and Man with a Beer at “The Pickle.” Those were just some of the roles he played at the start of his career, there were many more roles he had played in the following year both in movies and TV series.

Every year can be considered a strong year for Erik King since he always had a TV show or a movie where he appears. Until now, his career is still not running low since he still appears in various TV shows and movies with other famous actors and actresses from different generations. Now as he continues his career, he is one of the detectives, Sgt. James Doakes, in the last episode of the Showtime TV drama series “Dexter.”

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