Evan George Kruntchev

Evan George Kruntchev Biography
Name At Birth: Evan George Kruntchev
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Occupation: Actor

Evan George Kruntchev the twin brother of Luke Andrew Kruntchev is one of the child actors who play the role of Harrison in the popular drama series “Dexter.” The twins have started young in the business, yet got the opportunity to play the parts of exciting characters of different TV series. Both twins were always starring alternately on “Dexter” and most people were not aware of it until the news about it was published. It has been an easy, yet tricky path for the twins, but it was a worthy path for them since they gained popularity from the public.

Evan Kruntchev with his brother started their career in “The Last Man Standing” and played as Boyd Baxter, the grandson of Mike Baxter played by renowned actor, Tim Allen. Mike spends most of his quality time with his grandson, Boyd, since he has no son to spend such time with. The Kruntchev twins played the role for the young character of Boyd and were replaced for the next season because the character’s age was advanced for about 3 years. Though the twin was shown in the first season of the series, 2012 got a new surprise for them.

As they finish their roles in “The Last Man Standing,” Evan Kruntchev, together with Luke, were chosen to star in the famous crime-drama series “Dexter.” Both twins were picked to play as the son of Dexter Morgan, Harrison Morgan. Their role were to show how they are slowly growing up with the skills of Dexter, there were scenes that Harrison stare coldly to his dad, like when his dad kills his victims. As the series is about to end, this year, people are still excited with their upcoming appearances on a renowned family series.

“Days of Our Lives” is the next project where Evan Kruntchev and his brother will appear. The role of the twins is Parker Jonas, Chloe’s son. It is expected that they will appear for the series for 8 episodes this year, which makes people who adore the charms of the twins excited for the upcoming episodes.

There are still many projects that are in store for the twins and they are expected to star in more TV series and movies as they continue to grow in the entertainment world. Many are expecting that these two will grow up smart and renowned just like other kid stars before who are making their name grow continuously in the entertainment world.

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