Francisco Viana

Francisco Viana Biography
Name At Birth: Francisco Viana
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Occupation: Actor

Francisco Viana is well known actor and holds 22 titles in both movie and TV series. He studied and graduated from the University of California Berkeley. He also studied acting at Shakespeare & Company in Lennox, The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and The Beverly Hills Playhouse where he acquired his skills as an actor. In 2005, he was the Hero for the advertisement of Guinness Beer in Asia.

From 1996 to present, Francisco Viana has been making movies and TV series that have marked the hearts of avid fans. Among the TV series that he has played significant roles are “The Whole Truth in 2010,” “Lie to Me,” “Castle,” and “CSI: Miami” in 2009 as well as “The Dexter Showtime” in 2012 up to the present. Before he became a member of the “Dexter Showtime” cast, he has been making TV series and movies with different genre. His studies in different acting schools made him acquire the skills to play roles in different films and TV series genre such as drama, thriller, crime, mystery, comedy, romance, action, adventure, war, and Sci-Fi.

Aside from being an actor, Viana is an avid surfer. He likes to spend his free time in the beach and ride along with the waves of the sea. He prefers to spend holidays and vacation to places where friendly bodies of water can be found. This allows him to escape from cluttered world of the entertainment industry.

Francisco Viana plays the role of Det. Jake Simms from the show “Dexter.” In this TV show, he appeared many times in different episodes such as “Swim Deep,” “Argentina,” “Run,” and “The Dark.” Most of the scenes in these episodes are composed of drama, thriller, mystery, and crime. These episodes made him show off his talents and entertained many viewers making the directors of “Dexter” give him serious role in the series.

The storyline of “Dexter” is highly complicated, and most of the actors should show off their skills in acting to give life to the series. The acting skills and knowledge that Viana acquired during his studies in different acting schools made him cope with the skills of other actors and actresses in the series. As a matter of fact, the series has been airing in the US from 2006 to present due to the precise role playing of the cast. The TV series has received 12 certificates and 2 major awards since it aired in Televisions.

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