James Remar

James Remar Biography
Name At Birth: William James Remar
Date of Birth: December 31, 1953
Birth Place: Boston, Massachusetts
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1978–present
Atsuko Remar (separated)

James Remar is a known actor who has been popular since his start in a movie during the 70’s. He has been known for the intense character that he plays for different roles in movies and TV series. Most of the roles that he plays is that average guy with the squinty stare, has the skill to be cruel over other characters and has also played psychopathic roles. He started to gain recognition with the roles from his second movie entitled “The Warriors” in 1979 and acclamation for Broadway drama “Bent”.

Since he has been acclaimed for such recognition, he has continued his career by being busy on features playing various roles like Dutch Schultz, a gangster in a 1984 movie “The Cotton Club” by Francis Ford Coppola. He also played as a Neanderthal at “The Clan of the Cave Bear” that was shown in 1986. Remar also played roles where he known for his performances that are truly galvanizing like his role in “48 Hrs.” released in 1982 as the homicidal maniac who escaped from where he was imprisoned. He has also played a no-nonsense cop role in a movie release in 1989 “Drugstore Cowboy”.

In 1990, his role was a guy who fell in love with a gargoyle that came to life of “Tales from the Darkside: The Movie” a horror anthology. During 1991, he played as a guitarist in the Oscar-winning short TV series “Session Man.” In addition to those roles, he also played as an officer with long military experience doubting the power of Shakespeare in the film “Renaissance Man” in 1994. Remar also played roles in “Fatal Instinct”, a half-baked spoof and a prisoner released in the movie “Armand Assante.”

In the beginning, James Remar played in many movies, but later on in his career, he started to play roles on TV series like the billionaire playboy in “Sex in the City,” played a role in “The X-Files,” “CSI: Miami” “Hawaii Five-O” and the running “Dexter” where he is playing as Harry Morgan, the mentor and adoptive father of so-called serial killer of Michael C. Hall.

Aside from TV series, Remar has also voiced over various animated films like “Justice League,” “The Batman,” “Ben 10” and “Pound Puppies.” Furthermore, he also dubbed in video games such as The Warriors, Killzone 3 and Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame. As he stays in the business, many roles for films and TV series are expected by fans and movie and TV series watchers from James Remar.

Dexter on Showtime

Showtime’s series “Dexter” is about a serial killer with a conscience. In the first season, we see Dexter, played by Michael C. Hall, as a child when his father discovers Dexter’s proclivity of killing people. Dexter’s father, played by James Remar, is a Miami-Dade Metro cop. Viewers have their minds twisted when Dexter’s father does not punish Dexter for his desire … Read More »

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