Jimmy Smits

Jimmy Smits Biography
Name At Birth: Jimmy Smits
Date of Birth: July 9, 1955
Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Actor
Barbara Smits (1981–1987)
Wanda De Jesus (1986–present)

Jimmy Smits is an award winning actor who has co-starred in three biggest TV shows in the U.S. within the past 20 years. Jimmy Smits is a delightful addition to the cast of Showtime show “Dexter.” Smits was born in Brooklyn, New York and the son of Cornelius Smits. His mother, Emilina is a Puerto Rican and works as a nurse when she met his father. Smits spent most of his time in Puerto Rico during his childhood. That is why he identifies himself as a Puerto Rican. He grew up and live life in a working class neighborhood before he became an actor.

The first role played by Smits was the character of Eddie Rivera in the premiere of Miami Vice series. His role in this series was a bit short as his character was killed easily. He also played the character of Victor Sifuentes in the long time legal drama “L.A. Law” for the first five seasons. One of the most notable roles that Jimmy played was the character of Detective Boby Simone in the NYPD Blue series. Smits are among the stars in this series from 1994 to 1998 before being nominated for Emmys Awards in numerous times.

Smits was married to Barbara Smits in 1981 until their divorce in 1989. Smits have two children, Taina and Joaqin. He is an avid participant of jai alai, which is a local league in L.A. He also helped found the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts that aim to advance the presence of Latino arts in telecommunications, media, and industry of entertainment. He also appeared in several public services commercial and advocates the diagnostics colorectal screening.

Smits has been active as an actor and has made movies and series of TV shows from 1984 up to the present. Within these years, he has received so many awards in the industry of film and movies. Among the notable awards that he has received includes Godden Globe Award for Best Actor and ALAM Award for Outstanding Performance in Television Series. He has been nominated as the recipient of many awards in both movies and TV series.

Within his years of experience in the entertainment industry, Smits has played significant characters in movies. He has also portrayed important roles in 13 different TV series, making him one of the movie and TV series’ highly respected individuals. His addition to the Showtime “Dexter” will make the show more interesting and entertaining to watch.

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