Joshua Cooke

Joshua Cooke Biography
Name At Birth: Josh Cooke
Date of Birth: November 22, 1979
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Actor

Joshua “Josh” Cooke is a well-known American actor. He was born on November 22, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended his secondary education at Harriton High School, a public secondary school in Rosemont. Cooke was an active member of Harriton Theater Company, and he has directed and organized a show during his senior years. He has earned recognition and acting awards such as the Judith & Milton R. Stark Scholarship and James Pendleton Foundation Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Performance. He attended higher education at University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) majoring in theatre.

Cooke has a remarkable career for the past several years, and this leads him close to his countless followers and supporters. It was during 2005, when Cooke portrayed a lead role of “Nate Solomon” in the 2005’s NBC sitcom entitled “Committed.” He also made his guest appearance on “Century City,” “Without a Trace,” “10-8,” “Once Again” and “Dragnet”.

In 2006, Josh Cooke started in the new primetime sitcom of NBC that is the “Four Kings” and the ABC’s “Big Day.” He also made his appearance in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Crooke appeared as Leo Carpenter in the show “Dollhouse’’ and also played the role of Dan Stonewater in the Scrubs’ final episode.

In 2010, he portrayed Ben Coles in the sitcom “Better with You” and made his appearance in Dexter series as Louis Greene. He was included in the cast of “Smash,” “Group Sex,” “Suitemates,” “In Plain Sight,” “Hootie,” “Notes from the Underbelly,” “ The Closer” and “ Scrubs.” Josh Crooke has a remarkable contribution and participation in “I Love You, Man,’’ “ Lost and Found,” “Saving Grace,” “Official Selection” and many more.

Before landing on major roles, this American actor has strived hard with his humble beginning. He accepted different roles that molded him to be an effective and professional actor. His acting talents are enough reasons for him to earn several awards and recognitions. These achievements are significant highlights of his career and still, this extremely talented actor has lot more to offer.

Josh Crooke was engaged to singer and songwriter Eleisha Eagle on September 2010, and the couple got married in April 2011. His formal trainings and knowledge in theatre have helped him established a name in the big screen. The numerous acting awards granted to him is not just to recognized his exemplary performance, but also to prove his worth as an actor.

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