Keith Ian Carradine

Keith Ian Carradine Biography
Name At Birth: Keith Ian Carradine
Date of Birth: August 8, 1949
Birth Place: San Mateo, California
Occupation: Actor
Years active: 1971–present
Sandra Will (1982–1999)
Hayley Leslie DuMond (2006–present)

Keith Carradine is a famous American actor who started as a Broadway actor turned screen actor. David, his half brother encouraged him to pursue his acting career and got him an agent for the start of his acting career. Since his father John Carradine was a known stage actor, he started his career on a musical entitled “Hair” in 1969. He was chosen to be a part of the musical, and since then, he got into small to lead roles in Broadway. As he excels in Broadway, he gained recognitions from award giving bodies in the musical industry.

Since he is gaining popularity with his skills on stage, he then, started to pursue his career on screen with his first film appearance in 1971 for “McCabe & Mrs. Miller.” The next film he made was “Emperor of the North Pole” or released as “Emperor of the North” in 1973. He also played as Tom Frank in “Nashville,” which was critically acclaimed by the time it was released in 1975.

After that film, he had more films made where he was highly acclaimed of his acting. He also had the chance to act with brothers Robert and David in the film “The Long Riders” in 1980. Carradine never lost his interest in acting until this year since he had many movies, which won several awards.

Since Keith Carradine and his family are musically gifted, there is no doubt that he has this particular gift of playing just about any instrument as David, his brother, would say. He became involved in song writing and music as he made the original song “I’m Easy” for his movie “Nashville” and even got an award for it from Oscar’s and Golden Globe. Carradine had albums released in 1975 and 1978 under Asylum Records. He also appeared in music video “Material Girl” of Madonna and played a role in the musical “The Will Rogers Follies.”

Aside from acting Broadway and on screen, he also appeared in different TV series and shows and played various roles. His TV career is actually as alive as his movie career. He is now starring in “Dexter” as FBI special agent Frank Lundy for several episodes. Moreover, he also lent his talents with dubbing with “Hitman: Absolution” a video game where he voiced as Blake Dexter, a primary antagonist of the game. Keith Carradine has been in the business for an extremely long time and is highly acclaimed for his skills on Broadway, TV, movies and video games, as well.

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