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Luke Andrew Kruntchev Biography
Name At Birth: Luke Andrew Kruntchev
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Occupation: Actor

Who is not aware of “Dexter”? It is the TV series that has gained popularity for all of the people who are fond of watching drama series. The show is a mix of Crime, drama, Suspense, Psychological thriller and Black comedy, which makes it an exciting series to look forward to. Harrison, the son of Dexter and Rita, is played by Luke Andrew Kruntchev. With the drama series, Harrison is seen as a typical boy growing up with his family and doing activities like any normal boy would.

Luke Kruntchev has been in the entertainment industry just few years ago and has not done yet any leading roles. He has been acting with his twin brother Evan George Kruntchev in TV series like “The Last Man Standing” in 2011 as Boyd Baxter, a son of Kristin Baxter the daughter of Vanessa and Mike Baxter. The role that he played in the series with his brother was not regular, and they would play recurring roles for the character. They appeared on the series for the first season and were replaced with other actor, since the character has grown older for the following seasons.

By the start of 2012, he and his brother Evan got the role in “Dexter” as the son of Dexter who is showing the same characters of his father as he grows up. The show is now on its 8th season and is gaining more popularity as the series get intensified throughout the seasons. As Harrison Morgan, he is portrayed to be a child showing the side of his father while growing up since he was drenched with the blood of his mother, Rita Morgan, as she dies in front of her son.

In 2013, as both brothers are still starring in Dexter, they got the opportunity to join the cast of “Days of Our Lives” where he and his brother played the role of Parker Jonas, the son of Chloe in the mentioned series. The long running series have included the twins for 8 episodes that were aired within the year, as well.

Since the twins are still young, many people are expecting these two to star in various series and even films as they grow up. With the two’s adorable and irresistible charm, these two may star individually on their own shows as they grow up and make it possible to be one of those stars who started young in the business and grow up as renowned actors.

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