Pablo Soriano

Pablo Soriano Biography
Name At Birth: Pablo Soriano
Date of Birth: N/A
Birth Place: N/A
Occupation: Actor

It is known that to be included in a Hollywood TV series is a great privilege for an actor because it means that his acting skills are recognized by the people who are in charge of the production. Just like what Pablo Soriano had to go through just to be recognized for the crime-suspense-drama series “Dexter.” With the series, Soriano plays a role of a detective working for Miami Metro Homicide. The role that he got depicts a detective handling different cases and supporting on cases where he is needed. Though his role in the film does not give him many lines to speak, he is still the detective that is mostly mentioned.

Known as a common background performer during the “Star Trek” sequels, “Deep Space Nine,” “Voyager” and “Enterprise,” Soriano has been starting his career as a background character for main casts. He played many roles in the sequels such as Klingons, Tellarites, Cardassians, Bajorans, Borg and Jem’Hadar, such roles that he plays helps with emphasizing various characters and situations in movies or even in series for TV. Soriano also served as a stand-in in different movies and made him known for such characters. Though most appearances are not credited, still many producers find him interesting to add with the casts.

He was in the said drama series for the second to third seasons, but was not seen for the succeeding episodes on other seasons. Aside from the current role in the series, Soriano started his career as a cop in the movie “The Second Civil War” released in 1997. He was a choreographer in the series “Resurrection Blvd.” released in 2000.

In the year 2003, he was Colonel Soliz of “Kingpin” a mini-series for TV. With the episode “Pilot,” Soriano played the Pizza Delivery Guy in the TV series “Veronica Mars” that was aired in 2004 and Pedro Flores in the episode “Pañales” in the series “Secretos,” aired in 2008.

After such airings, he was then chosen to play as Ramon Ramos a detective for the series “Dexter.” He is acting with other professional actors in the series, which is now on its last season. Soriano was acting alongside Frank Lundy, which is portrayed by Keith Carradine.

After his appearance in “Dexter,” he appeared recently as Federale in “Reno 911!” episode “Getaway Trailer” that was shown in 2009. With background performers like Soriano, a movie or series will not be complete since there will be no supporting characters for all the main characters.

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