Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson Biography
Name At Birth: John Scott Thompson
Date of Birth: June 12th, 1959
Birth Place: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Actor/Comedian
Years active: 1980–present

Scott Thompson, originally known as John Scott Thompson, was named after his uncle and was born on June 12, 1954 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. He lived and grew up in Brampton. His career as an actor/comedian started in the year 1980. He went to Brampton Centennial Secondary School and later decided to enroll in York University, but was dismissed from school due to causing disturbances during class hours.

Thompson’s acting career began when he joined the comedy group “The Love Cats.” In 1984, he met Mark McKinney. Mc Kinney is one of the writers on the NBC show Saturday Night Live, where he writes the comedy series “The Kids in the Hall.” Scott Thompson became a cast member of “The Kids in the Hall”, and it was aired in 1989 on CBC Canada and HBO in the United States. He was popular on having a monologue as the “alpha queen” and he performed as “Queen Elizabeth II.” He appeared in different roles on television shows such as “The Larry Sanders Show”, “Politically Incorrect”, “The Late Night with Conan O’ Brien”, and “Train 48.” This shows how he can portray numerous roles.

This led Thompson to get lead roles in television and become a lead actor in movies. He is versatile because he acts as a TV host based on the reality show “My Fabulous Gay Wedding” in Canada. He also acts in the written novel “Cocksure” and has guest shows in “Reno 911”. In 2010, he was included in the project “Death Comes to Town.” He is currently working on the NBC series “Hannibal” where he is the main character, Jimmy Price, playing a role of being a detective who looks for fingerprints at crime scenes.

Thompson is a cancer survivor, diagnosed in the lymphatic system, having undergone 6 sessions of chemotherapy and one month of radiation therapy. He has defeated his illness, now cancer free, and continues to play roles in various TV series and starring in various movies. His craft on being a versatile actor made him popular up to this time. He is highly professional and acts effectively on portraying different characters.  He is one of many in-demand actors in television shows and movies.

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