Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling Biography
Name At Birth: Tessa Charlotte Rampling
Date of Birth: February 5, 1946
Birth Place: Sturmer, Essex, England, United Kingdom
Occupation: Actress
Years active: 1965–present
Bryan Southcombe (1972–1976)
Jean Michel Jarre (1978–1998)

Charlotte Rampling is an English actress who was born on February 5, 1946 at Sturmer in Essex, England. She became a cinematic icon in 1970s due to her confident, reserved, and passionate screen presence. Rampling is the daughter of painter Isabel Anne and Olympic gold medalist Godfrey Rampling. She spent her childhood years in transit as the family moves across France, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar due to her father’s reassignments as a Royal Army officer.

For her education, she attended the St. Hilda’s School in Hertfordshire, England and Jeanne d’Arc Academie pour Jeunes Filles. She also studied Spanish in a college in Madrid, Spain and took up acting classes at the Royal Court Stage School. Rampling started her career as a commercial model for Cadbury’s chocolate when she was just 17 years old. Her acting debut came when she appeared in the British comedy film “The Knack and How to Get It,” directed by Richard Lester.

Rampling is known for performing several controversial roles. In 1969, she played the role of a young wife who was sent to a Nazi concentration camp. She way critically acclaimed for her sensitive, mysterious, and tragic portrayal. Aside from this, Rampling also portrayed controversial roles in the films “The Night Porter” and “Max mon amour.” Her role in “The Night Porter” has cemented her reputation as man’s sex symbol. She even posed for “Playboy” magazine in 1973. Due to her striking look and style, Rampling has been on the covers of various magazines such as “Interview Magazine,” “CRUSHfanzine,” “Vogue Magazine,” and “Elle Magazine.” “She gained recognition for her performance in “Farewell, My Lovely,” “Stardust Memories,” and “The Verdict.”

The actress continued to portray sexually provocative roles in “Basic Instinct 2” and “Swimming Pool.” In 2008, she played the role of a mother to Keira Knightley’s character in the film “The Duchess.” She also starred in the thriller film “Cleanskin,” alongside James Fox, Michelle Ryan, and Sean Bean. Rampling will also appear as a neuropsychiatrist in the upcoming 8th season of “Dexter.”

When it comes to her personal life, Rampling married actor Bryan Southcombe in 1972. Their union ended in divorce in 1976. She married French composer Jean Michel Jarre in 1978. Unfortunately, this marriage also ended in divorce in 1997 due to rumors that her husband is having an affair with other women. Despite her achievements, Rampling is showing no signs of slowing down.

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