Wyclef Jean and Amanda Bynes: Rapper & Actress Not Collaborating

Wyclef Jean and Amanda Bynes: Rapper & Actress Not Collaborating

The music career of Amanda Bynes is still in the works, but she is now down one major producer. The twenty-seven years old former actress was rumored to work with Wyclef Jean (The Fugees) on her supposed upcoming record deal. One of Wyclef’s representatives has denied any involvement.

The team that represent Wyclef Jean reportedly told TMZ that the rapper and producer have not spoken to Amanda Bynes about any sort of collaboration, nor has any plans to do so.

Rumors of a Jean-Bynes team-up were sparked by a statement from Dan Herman who is the Chief Executive Officer of Chinga Chang Records, a company that reportedly offered Amanda a record deal. “I think it would be perfect,” Dan Herman told E! News. “Linking the two of them will be something major.” Herman added that Wyclef was “receptive” to the idea of teaming up with Amanda Bynes, and spoke of a meeting arrangement between the two of them earlier last week that never took place.

When Amanda Bynes retired from acting, she made it public that she had plans to pursue a music career. “Look forward to seeing me in music videos!” Bynes tweeted on Twitter. “I am looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer and rapper!”

Amanda has recently distanced herself from the Chinga Chang Record Label; she announced on Twitter that her career in music will start after she completes different surgeries to “shave the bridge down” of her nose and remove the “webbing” between her eyes.

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