Erik King

Erik King Biography

There are many actors who became noticeable in the entertainment world through their guest role in various TV shows and movies. This is how Erik King got noticed. He has played many roles as guest stars in various films and TV series and now is starring in a popular drama series “Dexter.” He started his career in 1983 and played ... Read More »

Mos Def

Mos Def Biography

Mos Def is an American actor, rapper, singer, activist and emcee. Mos is also known as Yasiin Bey, but both are his stage names. His real name is Dante Terell Smith. Mos has several hit singles to his credit, he has a niche cult following in the world of music, and over the recent years, he has also become a ... Read More »

Francisco Viana

Francisco Viana Biography

Francisco Viana is well known actor and holds 22 titles in both movie and TV series. He studied and graduated from the University of California Berkeley. He also studied acting at Shakespeare & Company in Lennox, The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and The Beverly Hills Playhouse where he acquired his skills as an actor. In 2005, he was ... Read More »

Michael Carlyle Hall

Michael Carlyle Hall Biography

Michael Carlyle Hall shot to fame with his Showtime series Dexter. He has won a Screen Actors Guild Award as well as a Golden Globe Award for his titular role in Dexter. Michael Carlyle Hall is a theater veteran and also has several films to his credit. Prior to being cast as Dexter, Michael has been a part of several ... Read More »

John Arthur Lithgow

John Arthur Lithgow Biography

John Arthur Lithgow is an American author, character actor, and musician who was born on October 9, 1945 in Rochester, New York by retired actress Sarah Jane and his Dominican father Arthur Washington Lithgow III, a theatrical director and producer who manages the McCarter Theater in Princeton, New Jersey. The Lithgow family moved frequently during John’s childhood years due to ... Read More »

James Remar

James Remar Biography

James Remar is a known actor who has been popular since his start in a movie during the 70’s. He has been known for the intense character that he plays for different roles in movies and TV series. Most of the roles that he plays is that average guy with the squinty stare, has the skill to be cruel over ... Read More »

Joshua Cooke

Joshua Cooke Biography

Joshua “Josh” Cooke is a well-known American actor. He was born on November 22, 1979 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended his secondary education at Harriton High School, a public secondary school in Rosemont. Cooke was an active member of Harriton Theater Company, and he has directed and organized a show during his senior years. He has earned recognition and acting ... Read More »

David Zayas

David Zayas Biography

David Zayas is an American actor who has donned many hats in his life. Before attaining fame for playing the character of Angel Batista in the hit television series Dexter, he was in the United States Air Force following which he was an officer in the New York City Police Department. David is also known for his role of Enrique ... Read More »

Keith Ian Carradine

Keith Ian Carradine Biography

Keith Carradine is a famous American actor who started as a Broadway actor turned screen actor. David, his half brother encouraged him to pursue his acting career and got him an agent for the start of his acting career. Since his father John Carradine was a known stage actor, he started his career on a musical entitled “Hair” in 1969. ... Read More »

Pablo Soriano

Pablo Soriano Biography

It is known that to be included in a Hollywood TV series is a great privilege for an actor because it means that his acting skills are recognized by the people who are in charge of the production. Just like what Pablo Soriano had to go through just to be recognized for the crime-suspense-drama series “Dexter.” With the series, Soriano ... Read More »

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